Indiana lunch lady leads voting for Colts cheer leading auditions


A high school cafeteria worker is the leading vote getting in a online cheer leading contest. The top-ten in the contest will get an audition to become members of the Indianapolis Colts cheer leading staff.

“I’ve been wanting to be a Colts cheerleader for a long time,” Tella Toney, the hopeful cheerleader, says.

Right now Toney is a lunch server at South Ridge High School.

“I had to upload pictures on there of me, one for voting and then three to five for the judges to see, I guess.”

Currently Toney is the leading vote getter at with over 8,000 votes. She has nearly 2,000 more votes then the second place contestant and is over 6,000 ahead of tenth place.

Audition training will begin in February but the actual auditions begin March 23.