Lolo Jones accepts challenge to race by Eric LeGrand, didn’t know he’s quadriplegic

Lolo Jones says she was just responding to a challenge to a race and it seems that is true. However, you can not help but laugh a bit about her reaction when she finds out that the man who challenged her, former NFL player Eric LeGrand, is now a quadriplegic.

LeGrand suffered a severe spine injury in October of 2010 when playing for Rutgers. He later signed a ceremonious contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Greg Schiano was his head coach at Rutgers and was the Buccaneers coach who signed him.

His twitter profile says he is “bELieve 52, Defensive Tackle for Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Out here trying to inspire the world.. ”

The exchange can be seen below but I’m guessing the race will not happen now.


  1. Okay granted she didn’t know who this guy was, but isn’t that exactly the reason why she shouldn’t spout her mouth off once again. I admire her physical ability and all, but am really tired of her ego and her my crap doesn’t stink attitude. I can’t wait for the day, and it will come that some younger kid comes along and kicks her ass up and down the soccer field. There have been many greats before her and there will be many after, Now quit the tweeting loudmouth ego maniac, and do what you’re paid to do!

  2. LeGrand is the real moron here.
    He is the one who owes Jones a public apology!
    What he did was tantamount to a picless guy on a dating site sending a creepy email to a girl!
    WTF was HE thinking?!

  3. Funny! She races for Olympic medals?!? Could’ve fooled me!! This story is ridiculous! I don’t fault LoLo for the tweets; I fault her for being an extremely overhyped athlete!! Win gold, then talk shit! Just another Anna Kournikova, all beauty no talent….

  4. Clearly YOU have been hit in the head. Let’s see…cellist vs athelete. Challenge. You put on your track shoes. So will I. You’ll find I’m a better challenge that what you erroneously issued a challenge to a quad. Either you are insane or a periodically deranged female idiot. Challenge stands.

  5. She has not gotten over her Olympic losses and how she feels she has been treated because of them, she is in pain. (Having an ego greater than her talent and/or looks isn’t helping her out ether). She wants others to feel it as she feels it and as fast as she is can’t out run it. Lashing out only make you look like a bit of ambulatory pond scum. Too bad, all that work in some of the wrong places.

  6. Oh look, Lolo in the news again. This from the same girl who told the entire world she was a virgin just before the Olympics and then whined and cried cause the press wouldnt leave her alone

    Sorry I dont feel for her at all

  7. She should probably get rid of Twiter if she really thought a Dlineman was challenging her to a real race. Her ego makes her ugly and she has no problem hiding it.

  8. It’s funny on both ends. Cool that he has a sense of humor. Cool that Lolo said bring it. Anyone of you talking shit about her should take the challenge and see how over hyped she is. Kournikova would anhilate you in a tennis match too. Seriously gonna harsh a world class athlete!!?? She’s been to the Olympics. How about any of you?

  9. Why are people getting all bent out of shape over this? She made a mistake and own up, anyone can do a mistake people need to calm down and stop being so anal. If anything it’s his fault for tweeting her, like someone else said he should apologies to her for this firestorm cause he wanted to be funny.

  10. I think I love her; Lolo, that is. But, I digress.

    I wonder how she is as an actress? I’d love to see her play a heroine – like in the Hunger Games – in a movie. ‘course, she could also play a love-interests.

    C’mon Lolo, transition into acting, p.l.e.a.s.e.

    Regarding Eric, he is the person seeking attention. Lolo has already earned her celeb status. No apologies needed, Lolo. You were responding to Eric’s provocation.


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