WWE Monday Night Raw – RESULTS – for July 22, 2013


Welcome to the Tireball Sports live coverage of Monday Night Raw for July 22, 2013.

With less then a month until the SummerSlam pay-per-view and two wrestlers with Money in the Bank brief cases there are plenty of chances to see a title change hands in the coming weeks.

Keep this page in hand for all your WWE Raw needs as we will be updating it live when the show hits the airwaves.

11:05 pm – Cena comes out after Bryan wins his third and final match. Ryback runs backstage. He tells Ryback to try and put him through the table and tells him, “You and me in a tables match”. Ryback says, “If thats what you want.” Cena’s music plays. McMahon and Maddox are seen talking backstage about Daniel Bryan. They decide to have Bryan face his best friend, Kane next Monday on RAW. No mention of BIG SHOW…

10:55 pm – Daniel Bryan’s next opponent… Ryback! How can Daniel Bryan take much more? Three opponents in a row! Ryback locks the submission on Bryan and shouts, “TOO EASY!”. Bryan escapes and locks the submission on Ryback. Rope break. Ryback jumps off the top rope, splash onto Bryan. Goes or pin, no pin! Bryan is laying in the ring. Bryan hits Ryback in the jaw… Ouccccch. Bryan throws Ryback into the tunbuckle, then runs at him, kicks him in the shoulder. Goes for the pin, 1 , 2 NO PIN. Ryback pulls a table out from under the ring and sets it up. Bryan came flying through the ring and makes Ryback goes into the announce table. Bryan thrown into the stairs. Ryback goes back into the ring… fighting ensues…. Bryan goes for the submission… gets out, Ryback goes for the S lock, tries to get it locked in, pulls Bryan’s hair, slinging him across the ring. Bryan throws Ryback into the turn buckle. Bryan goes ontop of the turnbuckle again, jumps down on Ryback and goes for the pin, 1, 2 , NO PIN. Bryan locks his submission in…he inches towards the rope… Looks like Ryback might tap… but no! He reaches the rope… ROPE BREAK. Ryback has Bryan outside of the ring and throws him through the table… Ryback is disqualified! Winner: Daniel Bryan

10:51 pm – Maddox is seen talking about Bryan’s last opponent. Maddox says, “Lets see how Bryan does with this next opponent…”

10:40 pm –  They are still both fighting hard! Anyone could win this match… Bryan goes for the pin, kick out at 2…Both are laying on the mat. Bryan gets up… climbs the ropes. Cesaro counters and pulls the ropes, dropping Bryan into the ropes. OUCH. Now they are wrestling on the turnbuckle. Cesaro is punching. Ref is yelling to get down! Cesaro is hanging upside down, while Bryan kicks Cesaro in the face repeatedly. Cesaro cracks Bryan in the ribs. Both back on the turnbuckle again. Cesaro slams Bryan into the floor… goes for the pin… 1, 2, NO PIN! What a counter in mid air by Cesaro! Uppercuts back and forth. Cesaro punches Bryan in the face, one, two, three, four times! Cesaro has taken charge. Cesaro goes for the pin, two count, no pin again! Bryan is down, doesn’t look like he has much left…. Cesaro goes for a move but is reversed by Bryan. Punches being thrown back and forth again. Bryan wins with the small package! Wow. What a match! Winner: Daniel Bryan

 10:30 pm – Bryan’s second opponent is Anthony Cesaro. Commercial break. When we come back from break we see Cesaro holding Bryan in a submission. He breaks out. Cesaro goes for the pin, 2 count. No pin. Cesaro gets Bryan locked into another submission… Bryan gets out and grabs Cesaro, Bryan locks Cesaro in a submission… Ouch… Cesaro breaks free Cesaro suplexes Bryan and then gets him on the floor. Cesaro then Punches Bryan in the face, stands up and elbow drops him. Wrestling, and another submission by Cesaro. Bryan gets up and breaks out. Cesaro irish whips Bryan into the turnbuckle but Bryan reverses it!. FLYING GOAT! Bryan kicks Cesaro. Cesaro is back up!  Bryan drop kicks Cesaro into the turnbuckle… he is down. Bryan back on the turn buckle, jumps down by Cesaro moves out of the way. Goes for pin, 2 count… no pin… Commercial break….

10:25 pm – Daniel Bryan is fighting Jack Swagger as his first opponent. Swagger seems like he has the upper hand, but don’t count Bryan out just yet!! A kick to the face by Bryan. Swagger jumps off the rope onto Bryan. Bryan has Swagger locked into the submission. Swagger taps out! Winner: Daniel Bryan

10:12 pm – Match: Rob Van Dam vs. Wade Barrett.  Van Dam starts by going on the turnbuckle to face the crowd, Wade knocks him off. They both end up outside the ring. Barrett throws Van Dam back into the ring. Goes for a pin, kick out. Barrett puts Van Dam on the ropes… he lays there, then goes up and smacks him Goes for another pin, kick out. Barrett locks the submission in, but Van Dam is on the ropes. Ref counts, 1, 2, 3… he lets go. Crowd is shouting, “RVD”. Barrett locks the submission in again, Van Dam hits Barrett with his elbow to get out. Van Dam slams Barrett down, and goes for a pin after rolling thunder! Kick out! Barrett is down, and Van Dam climbs the top rope!! RVD with FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH… He goes for the PIN… three count! Daniel Bryan is seen walking towards the entrance prior to commercial break. Winner: Rob Van Dam

9:55 pm – CM Punk comes out to the ring. Punk talks about how last week he got his ass handed to him by Brock Lesner. Punk talks about how messed up his “elbow” and other body parts are. Says he feels like he was in a “car accident”. Punk says he is not afraid of Brock Lesner. Punk exclaims, ‘THIS IS MY RING.” Crowd is cheering, “CM PUNK, CM PUNK” Paul Heyman is shown “via satellite”. Punk says if he is backstage somewhere he is going to drag him out to the ring. Punk demands to know where they are and say he will drive, walk, get there however he can, right now. Heyman said, “CM PUNK, your challenge for Summer Slam is accepted.” Punk stares into the crowd from the ring, and we see Rob Van Dam backstage before we go to a commercial break.

9:45 pm – Fandango comes out. It is his birthday! Cody Rhodes is his opponent. Rhodes gives Fandango a drop kick. Just a bunch of irish whipping into the ropes going on in the fight. A couple of one count pins. Fandango locks Cody into the submission, he gets out. Another submission locked in by Fandango. Damien Sandow gets the disaster kick by Rhodes after he gets on the outside of the ring. Rhodes then gives Fandango his finisher, crossroads. And the pin, three count. Commercial break. Winner: Cody Rhodes.

9:34 pm – Triple H and Brad Maddox are seen talking backstage. Triple H tells him he thinks Daniel Bryan could be the future of the WWE. He continues saying that he doesn’t think it matters what Maddox throws at Bryan because he could overcome anything. Video for the Wyatt Family.

9:30 pm – MIZ TV with “Total Divas” Nicole and Brianna Bella, Eva Maria, JoJo, Natalia, Cameron and Naomi.The Miz turns it over to Jerry. Jerry comes up and introduces himself to the divas, saying he has never met JoJo and Eva Maria. Eva Maria tells Jerry she doesn’t like how he is looking at her and slaps him in the face. Ouch. Segment over.

9:15 pm – Dolph Ziggler comes out. He is fighting Darren Young. Ziggler drop kicks Young.. Young has Ziggler locked in a submission, Ziggler is struggling but gets free. Young looks like he has command in the match, Ziggler on the floor. Young locks Ziggler in another submission. Its locked in! Ziggler breaks free again. Ziggler reverses Young and throws him into the turnbuckle. Ziggler goes for the pin, 2 count. Young is resilient. An impressive showing! Young tries to pin Ziggler again after knocking him down, but no pin. Young shouts, “Can you hear me?”. Ziggler does the Zig-Zag and pins Young. Three count! Winner! Oh no! Big E Langston and AJ run into the ring, Big E runs after Ziggler, but Ziggler moves and Big E goes over the rope. Dolph gets the hell out of there. Commercial break. Winner: Dolph Ziggler

9:05 pm – John Cena is seen talking with Daniel Bryan. Cena is trying to give Bryan advice, but Bryan wants none of it saying he doesn’t care who is opponents are in tonight’s matches.

9:00 pm – Mark Henry comes into the ring. He says if The Shield wants him, he is right there. The Shield comes out through the crowd. Henry looks in from the ring. They surround the ring on three sides and then come in and all throw punches at Mark Henry. Henry gets some help when The Uso’s come in. They even the playing field and all three go after The Shield. The Shield retreats. The Usos and Henry stand tall in the ring.

8:53 pm – Ryback is talking smack and then we head to a break.

8:50 pm – Christian is facing Titus ONeil. Titus put on a tremendous display of strength, starting off by giving Christian the backbreaker, tossing him around. Titus picks up Christian outside the ring, walks up the stairs, and throws him into the ring with one hand. In the end Christian won the match with the killswitch. Winner: Christian defeats Titus O’Neil.

8:42 pm – Booker T and Teddy Long are backstage with Renee Young talking about how Vickie Guerrero was given the GM position on SmackDown on Friday. Teddy blames Booker for them losing their jobs and Booker says if Teddy keeps running his mouth, he will get thrown out of the building by Booker. Teddy tells Booker he always goes to violence. Christian comes out and we go to commercial.

8:30 pm – We return from commercial break. Suplex by Del Rio. The bruise on Sheamus’s leg seems like it could be bothering him quite a bit. Damien Sandow is shown holding the money in the bank brief case. Sheamus goes for the pin, 1…2 count. No pin. Del Rio gets Sheamus down, 1.. 2, kick out. No pin. Sheamus climbs the turn buckle… Del Rio knocks him down! Del Rio goes for pin, but NO, no pin! Sheamus throws Del Rio down, he stays down. Del Rio goes after the injured leg of Sheamus again! Ooh, cheap shot. Winner: Alberto Del Rio defeats Sheamus.

8:20 pm – Sheamus punched Del Rio right in the face. Del Rio is down and we go to commercial.

8:18 pm – Sheamus comes into the ring. He is fighting World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio. Battle for the championship is about to take place here, folks.

8:13 pm  – Maddox tells Bryan he is giving him  “matches” (more than one) tonight.

8:12 pm – Cena and Bryan sign the contract.

8:10 pm – Cena tells Bryan that he choose him for the match because he deserves it. Tells him he picked him, but it does not mean he is going to hand it to him. “I am going to Summer Slam to defend the championship.” -Cena.

8:07 pm –  Daniel Bryan comes out. Bryan begins speaking with Maddox. Crowd is chanting, “Daniel Bryan!.” Bryan said he thinks the fans agree he deserves a shot at the belt at Summer Slam. Cena tells Bryan that Maddox, and who he works for are afraid to seek God given talent like Bryan.

8:03 pm – Live from Austin, TX. General manager Brad Maddox is talking about how last week he allowed John Cena to pick his own opponent for Summer Slam. Cena picked Daniel Bryan last week. The contract signing is tonight. Cena comes out.  Maddox asked Cena why he picked Daniel Bryan. Cena replied, “Because of you. You let me choose any WWE superstar to face me.” He said he listened to the WWE Universe and the choice was clear. Maddox said that some people said that Cena picked Bryan because he would be certain to beat him.

7:59 pm – If you are here with us tonight, let us know in the comment section below.

7:57 pm -Only a few minutes till WWE Monday night RAW!


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