How Studying at the University Affects a Sportsman’s Life

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If being a college student is busy, the days of a student-athlete are hectic. You can just imagine them juggling their time between schoolwork, sports practices, and tournaments. A student-athlete can experience a lot of challenges in schooling and their career in sports. But when they have accomplished their studies, then they will reap bigger rewards. There are good and bad effects a sportsman student can experience when studying in a university.

Good Effects of being a Student-Athlete in a University

You Become the University’s Representative

If you or your team does well, then you get to compete with other universities or even cities and states. The stage gets bigger for you as an athlete, and the best thing about it is that you carry your university’s name. You can be assured of the university’s support in each game you play for the school.

You Easily Make Friends

Being a student-athlete can make one easily popular. Everyone wants to be friends with you because you are popular within the university. The sport you are in can teach you how to deal with different people. And this will help you to easily make friends with others.

It Teaches You Proper Time Management

When you follow the school schedule and juggle it with your sports, then you are already practicing time management. This will encourage you to deal with your busy life positively. With this, school-and-sport balance can be achieved. Success time management teaches you to become disciplined. This attitude can be useful when you go out and pursue a career after graduation.

You can have a good Sports Career After Graduation

Many student-athletes look forward to becoming professional players after graduation. The university can make them big names in sports. Being a representative of the university, they will take care of you by giving the training needed to be good at your sport. This is what will give you a chance to become a competitive and effective athlete which can lead you to the sports career you wanted.

Downsides of Being a Student-Athlete in a University

Academics may Suffer

It is difficult to find time to cover all academic requirements when you have to train, practice, and play in tournaments. When you have a lot of games to play in, then your time for academics may suffer. This is often a problem for many student-athletes.


When you try hard to be good in both academics and sports, you can experience fatigue and burnout. This is common in student-athletes, especially those who have grades to maintain to keep their scholarship. When this happens, you may want to quit or get some time off. A lot of students who are competing in different sports for their universities often feel this.

You become the Center of Attention

Just because you are popular in school, there will be times you become the center of attention. This is a pro and con for you as everything you do will easily be noticed by everyone. Sometimes, the simplest things you do become big issues and might get you in trouble.

Risks of Injury

Injuries are common for athletes. But when you are a student, having an injury can be a bigger inconvenience since you also have classes to attend. It will slow you down and might get stopped from playing.

Just like any other thing, there will always be good and bad effects in being a sports person at a university. There will be sacrifices to make and challenges to face. But as an athlete, you are taught to be hardworking, patient, and determined. These challenges in the sport and school will be easy for you to handle as long as you are organized and focused on your goals.

Some student-athletes continue to be professional sports personalities after graduation from the university. Others pursue a different career far from sports. But, whatever path you choose, the discipline that the university and sport taught you can make you a good adult in the future who is ready to take on any challenge in life.

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