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WWE betting options

Although smaller pro wrestling outfits have been growing in popularity recently, WWE still remains the king in terms of viewership and profit. It is easy to understand why as WWE attracts the best wrestlers and pulls off the most exciting matches and events. In this article, we will go through some of the things that you can bet on in WWE.

Match winners

The first thing that you can bet on in WWE is the result of a match. It is important to remember that all the shows are scripted, or at least pre-determined. This means that their physical ability is less important than their importance to storylines that are taking place.

The fact that it is pre-determined does not help or hinder you in any way, but it is very important to remember it as you are betting on the equivalent of a TV show. You need to think of what the creative team wants to do with each wrestler and what winning or losing a match will do for their public image.

Betting on a wrestler to win a match is very simple and self-explanatory. Victories through disqualifications still count as they are common in WWE. If the match stipulation changes as it can, then the bet is not cancelled either and many betting sites like the new ones here offer refunds if it does.

Outright winners

You can also bet on outright winners in WWE, as they have big pay per view events every few weeks. For example, the Royal Rumble is happening soon. This classic match has two participants fighting at the start and then every thirty seconds, another wrestler enters the ring. This continues until all thirty participants of the match have entered the ring. To eliminate a wrestler, they need to be thrown over the top ropes and both feet have to hit the floor.

Although almost all events are difficult to predict, the Royal Rumble may be the most difficult of all because of how many different outcomes there are for the result. As it stands, the odds on all the wrestlers are quite good right now because there is no clear favourite, so it could be a good time to place a bet if you fancy yourself.

Special bets

Both of those types of bets are common across all sports, however these bets are more specific to WWE itself. You can bet on the next holder of any belt, the wrestlers that will feature in a particular match or whether a wrestler will be disqualified. These bets are difficult because of how unpredictable the company is.

The Royal Rumble allows for more bets as well. You can for example bet on the first wrestler to be eliminated, a wrestler to last a certain period of time or even the wrestler to have the most eliminations. These are bets that make one of the most exciting matches even more exciting.

You can also bet on a feud, which is when you bet that two winners will fight each other in a match within a certain time period.

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