Roger Penske wins first NASCAR title, calls out Dodge

A Dodge powered car won the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series for the first time since 1975. Roger Penske won his first title as a car owner in NASCAR. All things would appear to great. Except Dodge is leaving NASCAR

Next season Penske’s cars will join Ford Racing. While Ford figures to give Penske as much of a chance to see one of his drivers as a champion, it was not necessarily the preferred path.

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Dodge poured more money and resources into NASCAR this season then ever before. Not surprisingly Penske’s cars did better then ever. Yet the two announced mid season that they would no longer work together. The major sticking point? Commitment.

Penske sought a five year deal from Dodge. The car manufacturer did not want to tie themselves up that long.

Was it a joke or something more when Roger said the following on Speed following the race.

“I wanna take that trophy I wanna take it back to Detroit and go over there to Auburn Hills and put it right on Marchionne’s desk there the head of Chrysler and say hey this is what you’re going to miss next year” said Penske.

Laughter ensued but Penske clearly has not forgotten what happened earlier this year.

Penske who has 12 IndyCar titles and 15 wins as a car owner in the Indianapolis 500 also said  he w0uld need to move them aside for a bit to make room for his NASCAR trophy.

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