Angela Cope racing at Charlotte with sponsor and fan funding

Angela Cope will return to the track next weekend at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Highland Wealth Advisors has come on board a sponsor for the SR2 Motorsports No. 00 entry which will be driven by Cope.

Angela had challenged fans to “put your money where you mouth is” after her sister Amber was accused by Kevin Harvick of costing him a victory at New Hampshire.

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Fund Angela Cope Page

Harvick approached the slower car of Amber Cope during the July race at New Hampshire but had trouble navigating past Amber and other lapped cars. Harvick was then passed by Brad Keselowski who won the event.

Angela had hoped to raise funds from NASCAR fans that would allow her to race competitively at Charlotte. Since July she raised just over $3,200.

“If I don’t prove to the world that I belong on that track at Charlotte Speedway on October 12, 2012,  in the NASCAR Nationwide Series, then you will never see me back.” Cope told fans after her incident with Harvick. She also had promised fans a chance to vote whether she would race again or not.

Those ideas have changed significantly since July.

Cope now has a goal of finishing inside the top ten. As her funding site now states:

I am refocusing on what is important and what I need to get done at Charlotte and I am asking for you to be apart of this exciting event.

If you ever wanted your name on a NASCAR car, here is your chance.


And in case you wanted to see the video of her twin sister Amber being in the way of Kevin Harvick you can do so below.

John Boarman
John Boarman
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  1. Harvick was way off by saying the things he did about Amber Cope. She was NOT in his way, and NASCAR found no fault by her. He just didn’t get it done. Others were able to pass just fine. He always has an excuse…and not a good sportsman. Good for the Cope twins for not giving up on their dream!

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