Saturday, March 25, 2023

A.J Allmendinger tested positive for Adderall

A.J Allmendinger former driver of the No.22 Penske Dodge, failed a random drug test during the weekend of June 30; the race weekend at Kentucky. On July 24th, the driver had his “B Sample” tested;  only hours later the sample came back positive as well.

Early last week, Allmendinger was released from his Penske Racing contract due to violating NASCAR’s substance abuse policy. Allmendinger is currently taking part in NASCAR’s Road to Recovery Program so that he can one day get back to racing in a series operated/owned by NASCAR.

The first reports were the drug was a “stimulant”, later turned out it was an “amphetamine”, today Allmendinger told ESPN what he tested positive for.

Allmendinger says he tested positive for the prescription drug Adderall.

According to a report by, Allmendinger said a friend handed him a pill and stated it was a workout supplement that would give him energy.

He later tested positive for a prohibited substance as part of NASCAR’s random drug testing policy and was subsequently suspended indefinitely.

Adderall is typically prescribed for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, which Allmendinger does not have a prescription for treatment.

Photo Source: Getty Images North America

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