Broncos to start Brock Osweiler against Steelers


Brock Osweiler will be the quarterback of the Broncos for Sunday’s contest against the Steelers.

Given that the Broncos have not scored an offensive touchdown in seven quarters there was some serious talk that the team could turn back to Peyton Manning but instead it will be Osweiler getting another chance.

The initial spark from Osweiler has worn off but an overtime win over the Patriots still remains a large focal point of the Broncos coaching staff. Of course the Raiders and Khalil Mack’s five sacks are probably also running though their minds a lot right now as well.

Colorado’s 9NEWS reports that Osweiler will indeed get the start.

After the Steelers, the Broncos face off against the Bengals and Chargers to end the regular season.

Manning’s 17 interceptions are still the most among NFL quarterbacks this season even though he has not played in four weeks.


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