Colts could use suspension to free themselves of Trent Richardson

Trent Richardson missed last weekend’s AFC Championship game after being suspended by the Colts.

Ricahrdson’s suspension was for two games, which could have included the Super Bowl, meaning he will now miss Week 1 of the 2015 season.

“He was suspended for two games,” general manager Ryan Grigson said Friday, addressing the media five days after the Colts fell 45-7 to New England. “It was for personal reasons, so I can’t get into it, but he was suspended for two games.”

The Colts could theoretically use the suspension for Week 1 of 2015 saying it was detrimental to the rest of the team in an effort to avoid paying him his guaranteed salary. It would be a tough act to prove since the biggest problem seems to be that Richardson is just not very good. There are numerous players across the NFL who fail to live up to their salary.

“The thing is, every situation is different, every player and how we deal with them is going to be different,” Grigson said. “He’ll be lumped into that conversation with guys this offseason. Where’s he fit? Where’s he going? Is his arrow up, down, sideways, 45-degree angle?”

In 15 games this season Richardson ran 159 times for 519 yards (3.3 average) with three touchdowns. He added 27 receptions for 229 yards.