Cortland Finnegan tells Tom Brady to “Wake up” about playing into his 40s


Tom Brady recently said he felt he could play into his 40s. The 37-year-old Brady is having another good season but not everyone thinks the Patriots signal caller will last that long.

“He’s asleep,” Finnegan said of Brady, per The Palm Beach Post. “Tell him to wake up from whatever dream he is in.


HOLD UP. Isn’t this the same Tom Brady who just beat the Dolphins throwing for 287 yards an two touchdowns in a 41-13 trampling?

“He can probably do it mentally, but physically, as the game evolves and gets faster and the guys at the defensive end position get bigger, it’s going to be tough” said Finnegan. ” I don’t know that he’ll be able to recover as fast.”


If anyone deserves the benefit of the doubt it’s Brady here. The guy has never been deemed the most athletic player but he just keeps ticking.