Cowboys will not wear throwback uniforms on Thanksgiving


The Dallas Cowboys will join the Detroit Lions as teams who will not be wearing throwback uniforms on Thanksgiving Day.

Long noted for wearing a special “Thanksgiving Day” uniform the Cowboys opted to wear their solid blue jersey’s last season – and will again this year – due to a NFL mandate that teams have players use only one helmet during the season.

The Cowboys had previously worn a white helmet with the star on it rather than their gray one on Thanksgiving, however this does not mesh well with the white and blue uniform that the team had worn.

The Cowboys would have to paint all of their helmets white for one game and then back to silver the following week if they wanted to accomplish the feat of wearing white helmets.

So with that being said the Cowboys will continue to not wear their throwback uniforms this season. Other teams have worn throwback uniforms this season but used their current helmet. This has been accomplished by the team simply removing the decal off the helmet, as was the case for the Packers earlier this yer.