Redskins coach confirms Robert Griffin will become starter when healthy

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Getty Images

Kirk Cousins days under center for the Washington Redskins are numbered.

On Wednesday Washington Redskins head coach Jay Gruden confirmed that Robert Griffin III would be the teams starting quarterback sonce he is cleared to return to the football field.

while Gruden gave no indication as to when Griffin would return, it was reported on Tuesday that he could do so for the Oct. 27 game against Dallas. Gruden simply said that Griffin could return at any time but it is passable that Griffin is back on the field before the Redskins have their bye in Week 10.

While Cousins seemed to catch lighting in a bottle early this season he has since become a turnover machine and is doing the Redskins no favors. Things have gotten so bad in Washington that some fans have began to call for Colt McCoy to start in place of Cousins.