Eddie Lacy runs over Vikings, Packers win blowout

The Green Bay Packers blew out the Minnesota Vikings in Thursday’s game at Lambeau Field. While part of the blowout was due to the Vikings inept quarterbacking with Christian Ponder under center, an equally large amount of credit should go to running back Eddie Lacy.

Lacy ran 13 times for 105 yards scoring two touchdowns. He added three catches for 27 yards. It was a big breakout for Lacy who had not topped 50 yards in any of the Packers first four games this season.


The highlight of the night for Lacy came on his second touchdown when he ran over Viking safety Robert Blanton carrying him into the endzone. Lacy actually “trucked” Blanton twice in this game while the Packers walked away with a 42-10 win.