Colts to split carries between Richardson and Bradshaw

We are just one game into the 2014 season and already the Indianapolis Colts have themselves questions at the running back spot.

While Trent Richardson and Ahmad Bradshaw each saw time on the field in the Week 1 loss to Denver but it has become clear that Bradshaw is preferred in the passing game. He saw 44 snaps of action to just 29 for Richardson last week as the Colts found themselves in a big first half deficit.

“Whether it’s Ahmad out there or Trent out there, I feel good about both those guys,” coach Chuck Pagano said via the IndyStar.

We chalk this up to another reason to have avoided Richardson in your Fantasy Football drafts. For what it is worth, Richardson still believes this situation is a timeshare.

“I think it’s going to be a good, equal load,” Richardson said. “Ahmad knows that once I get tired or once I’m winded, when I look to that sideline or he looks to the sideline, we know how to complement each other. It can be a drive where we have it going. I might have to look to the sideline and say, ‘Come get me.’ And I know if he does that to go get him. We work well together.”