Bears could use Jordan Palmer as backup to Culter


With Jay Cutler not playing a full season since 2009, his first season with the Chicago Bears, one would expect the team to be exploring the quarterback market.

Bears general manager Phil Emery believes that the team could move forward with Jordan Palmer as Cutlers backup. Palmer along with Jerrod Johnson are the only quarterbacks signed by the Bears behind Cutler.

“Absolutely [Palmer can be the No.2],” Emery said Thursday, via ESPN. “And I told him that the other day — the same thing I told Josh: ‘Glad you’re here, looking forward to your contributions and we’re counting on you.’ And Jordan, since the time that he came last year has been nothing but a positive. He performed well in a preseason game and I understand that’s the fourth preseason game, normally that’s the second and thirds and the back end of the roster, but you still want people to show that they have upside and perform well. There are people that make squads in that game, so that game is important. And he did well. ”

Palmer is best known for being the little brother of Carson Palmer. He last appeared in a regular season game in 2010 while Cutler has managed to miss 12 since then.

“He has been a backup in the league, obviously in Cincinnati, so he knows what the weight of that position is and how to carry himself and how to contribute positively to the team in that role. And to get himself ready to go every week in case there was an injury. So yes, comfortable with him and excited to see Jerrod on the field for longer than a week or two. You know, we brought him in to take a look at him, but we had to release him because we had other needs on our practice squad at the time depending on what had happened with our 53-man roster. So I told him when we released him that we would like to bring him back and we did.”