Emmitt Smith: Cowboys have “too many cooks in the kitchen”


If you are confused about the current state of the Dallas Cowboys coaching staff you are not alone. Former Cowboys running back Emmitt Smith believes the team has “too many cooks in the kitchen.”

When Smith spoke to the Dallas Morning News he pointed out all the offensive coordinators on the team.

“You got an offensive coordinator in Jason Garrett, you got Linehan and you also have Bill Callahan. You have three guys that have been head coaches in some cases and offensive coordinators in a lot of different places. The question for me is how is all that going to jell together? Who is going to trump who? I just think it creates problems. There’s no clear direction there.”

Smith says this situation did not exist during his playing days with the team. He pointed out the days of Norv Turner as the Cowboys offensive coordinator.  Ironically the Cowboys could have added Turner to their mess of a situation this offseason.

Currently Jason Garrett is the head coach of the Cowboys while the recently hired Scott Linehan becomes the teams passing game coordinator and play-caller. He takes over the duties of Bill Callahan who is now working with the offensive line.

It’s probably worth pointing out that things are not too different on the defensive side of the ball. Monte Kiffin was demoted from defensive coordinator in favor of former Chicago Bears defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli. Kiffin is now an assistant coach/defense.