Report: Ted Wells to release findings on Martin-Incognito incident Thursday

NFL: Miami Dolphins-Training Camp
On Thursday the report of NFL special investigator Ted Wells is expected to be released.

This could finally bring an end to the Jonathan Martin-Richie Incognito situation which has followed the NFL season.

Joe Philbin was kept around by the Dolphins, even as owner Stephen Ross hired a new general manager. It’s likely the Dolphins know he will be cleared of any wrong doing.

Some believe the hammer could fall on Jim Turner who was the Dolphins offensive line coach last year. We won’t know anything for sure until this report is released, and even then there will be plenty of questions.

Incognito is now a free agent and his chances of finding another NFL job are tied to the findings of this report. Martin on the other hand is still under contract by the Dolphins but it’s hard to imagine him ever playing for them again.