Watch: Budweiser Super Bowl commerical “A Hero’s Welcome”

Budweiser has given one US soldier a home coming he will never forget. In fact, most of America will not forget it as it’s been turned into a Super Bowl commercial lasting a full minute.

That’s Lt. Chuck Nadd of Winter Park, FL returning home following a tour of Afghanistan. This is just one of the commercials that Budweiser will use to string on your heart this Sunday. They also have a commercial featuring the bonding of a Clydesdale and a puppy.

“It’s a real blessing to see how much everyone cares, because a lot of times, you’re in tough circumstances or you’re in situations where you don’t know if folks back home remember,” said Lt. Nadd to FOX Orlando. “Days like today show that everybody really does remember, and that means a lot. Like I said, there are so many folks who have given so much more than me. We just want to keep them in our thoughts and prayers, folks who are still back there, because they’re really the heroes.”