Brian Hoyer ready to compete for Browns QB job

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Brian Hoyer was 3-0 as the quarterback of the Cleveland Browns before tearing his ACL. When Hoyer went down so too did the Browns en route to a 4-12 season that saw head coach Rob Chudzinski fired after just one season.

Now with Mike Pettine hired to coach the team, Hoyer is ready to compete for the starting job knowing he could be just keeping the spot warm for a 2014 Draft pick.

“It’s pretty much inevitable, they will draft a quarterback and that’s nothing new,” Hoyer said Friday, via the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “In this league, there’s always someone coming up behind you or laterally moving. There’s going to be someone for me to compete with, which I have no problem with. That makes you better. The question is, where (will they draft him?). I have no idea and I try not to worry about things that I can’t control.”

Even with talk that the Browns could trade up and draft Johnny Maziel, Hoyer is unfazed.

“I was able to start for three games last year, and we did well,” he said. “When I played, we won, and I’m just looking forward to trying to get back to where I left things off. I think as long as I have a chance, I feel confident in my abilities.”

Hoyer finished the season competing 59.4 percent of his passes for 615 yards, five touchdowns and three interceptions.