Tim Tebow enjoys not having a contract in T-Mobile Super Bowl ad (Video)

Tim Tebow did not have a contract this season but that did not prevent him from having a big year. In fact Tebow highlights all the great things he did this year without a contract.

In a commercial for T-Mobile which will air during the Super Bowl- Tebow is shown delivering a baby to hunting down Big Foot, and much more.

You can watch Tebow in all of his “no contract” activities in the video below:

Tebow has not given up the dream of being in the NFL, even as he has signed a contract to serve as a football analyst on ESPN’s new SEC Channel.

Considering it’s Tim Tebow we figure there to be three reactions from this one. A group of people who love it, a group who hate it and those who point out that Peyton Manning replaced him as the Broncos quarterback.