Terrell Davis questions the desire of Chris Johnson

The Tennessee Titans will almost surely release running back Chris Johnson in the coming days.

Johnson finished with 1,077 yards in 2013 with a 3.9 average and six touchdowns.Those numbers will not make it easy for the 28-year-old to find a contract nor will the comments by former NFL running back Terrell Davis.

“I believe he still has something in the tank,” said Davis, via the Tennesseean. “To me, it is more about his desire to want to do it. We’ve seen his talent, and he can still do what he wants to do. If you question anything about him it is about whether he has the desire to be great, when things are ugly. Are you willing to bang your head against the wall if the wall is not breaking down? To me, he doesn’t have that.

Johnson’s 2014 salary for the Titans would be $8 million, a number the team figures to pass on.

“When I watch film, I don’t see the effort in him. And I never, ever want to question somebody’s effort. But … the tape, it doesn’t lie. And I don’t see the desire I saw when he was Chris Johnson, the no-big-contract Chris Johnson. I see times when maybe he is not getting as many yards as he could. He could break a few more tackles, and maybe hit the hole a little harder at times.” said Davis.