Peyton Manning yardage record to stand

via yahoo sports

via yahoo sports

Peyton Manning’s single season yardage record will stand after review.

“The stats crew at the game scored this play as a forward pass. During the course of a season, there are many similar plays which could be reviewed by the Elias Sports Bureau, the league’s official statistician. In this case, the determination of Elias is that the fairest resolution is for the ruling of the on-site stats crew to stand,” NFL spokesman Michael Signora said.

Manning needed 265 yards in Sunday’s game against the Oakland Raiders for the record, he got 266 to break it by a single yard.

Below is a gif of the play which some feel is a lateral rather than a pass.


Initially ruled a seven yard completion to Eric Decker if it had been reversed to being a lateral would have removed Manning from the record books for passing yards in a season.

To some, Manning appears to throw the ball from the 49 yard line with his right hand with Decker catching it at the 48.

It’s worth pointing out that television cameras can sometimes be misleading and thus far only this angle has been shown. Further angles may show it was a forward pass.

Manning did not play in the second half. Had the Broncos known about this he surely would have stayed out long enough to break the record for certain.

The statement above hardly claims it is a pass, rather speaks of inactivity by the group for whatever reason. (lack of views, backlash, confusion?)