NFL Coaches who could be fired


The list of coaches who could be fired on Black Monday is long. Some of the firings are no-brainers while others may not be simply due to contractual money owed.

We have assembled a list of coaches who enter Week 17 of the season with their job status uncertain.

Candidates to be fired

Joe Philbin – Dolphins (8-8)

Not a bad first year but the whole Richie Incognito situation and uncertainty at general manager make this one worth watching.

Rex Ryan – Jets (8-8)

Signs are starting to point to Ryan returning for a sixth season. The Jets have a shot at .500 even with a first year QB in Geno Smith. Of course an extension beyond next season is not so likely.  Rex Ryan will return in 2014

Rob Chudzinski – Browns (4-12)

First year coach who had to deal with three quarterbacks. Never got a chance to pick his own… yep he’s a goner in Cleveland because the Browns love to “rebuild.”… and Chud has been fired. Not even making it to Monday.

Mike Munchak – Titans (7-9)

The Titans lost Jake Locker in the season but that’s hardly a pass for a team that has stayed in neutral for years. The rumblings around Munchak have quieted since Locker’s injury but we wouldn’t be surprised if he was gone.

Texans (2-14)

Wade Phillips was only an interim coach. They can claim the first overall pick with a loss on Sunday.

Dennis Allen – Raiders (4-12)

The team is going to draft another QB. What better way then to do so without Allen. Recently ownership refused to allow him to offer extensions to his staff. Looks like Allen is out the door.

Jason Garrett – Cowboys (8-8)

Ownership has backed him and defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin but how many more years of not making the playoffs with Jerry Jones take. Expect a big name if the Cowboys do give Garrett his papers, Jerry would have it no other way.

Garrett appears set to return but DC Monte Kiffin may be out.

Mike Shanahan – Redskins (3-13)

The whole Robert Griffin III saga. While Shanahan is owed a bunch of money next season the locker room and team is dysfunctional making an exit likely. After a 3-13 season the Redskins have fired Shanahan.

Tom Coughlin – Giants (7-9)

Coughlin won two Super Bowls but this is the NFL where success is what you have done this season. It has not been a good few years for the Giants and Coughlin could be done because of it.

Jim Schwartz – Lions (7-9)

Another late season collapse and the Lions will miss the playoffs. Schwartz seems certain to be axed but he’s owed $12 million over the next three years. Of course the Lions could be stuck in limbo for that time if they keep him. Yikes.

Leslie Frazier – Vikings (5-10-1)

The job of Leslie Frazier in Minnesota does not seem too hard. Simply give Adrian Peterson and the running game the ball. Has not worked out too well though but its starting to appear as if Frazier will get one more chance. The teams quarterback situation and receiving game is in a mess also.

The Vikings canned Frazier with one year left on his deal.

Greg Schiano – Buccaneers (4-12)

MRSA, an attitude and more. The Buccaneers got hot when it was too late and Schiano is now a candidate for the Penn State job should Bill O’Brien leave.

Mike Smith – Falcons (4-12)

Seems doubtful after the team was in the NFC Championship a year ago but again you never know. If Smith is fired it will not be for long. He would have a long list of suitors. For what it’s worth there are no signs pointing to his exit. Now if only the Falcons had a defense?