Orton interception face sums up Cowboys season (GIF)

Kyle Orton

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The Dallas Cowboys are staying home again for the playoffs. No joke, even without Tony Romo playing the Cowboys found a way to throw the ball to the other team to lose a winner take all game for the NFC East for the third year in a row.

In three years with Jason Garrett as the Cowboys head coach the team has been madly consistent going 8-8 each season.

And of course here is the face of the Dallas Cowboys until next season. We give you the Kyle Orton interception face.

Credit: Marcus D

And just for the state geeks:  Orton completed 30-of-46 passes for 358 yards, two touchdowns, and two interceptions.

Had Orton somehow pulled off the win everyone would have been talking about how they did it without Romo and how the Saints would kill them next week. Now we are just laughing at how well he follows in Romo’s footsteps.

Great job. Good effort. Save the embarrassment of next week.