Cole Beasley takes blame for final interception

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The Dallas Cowboys blew a 23 point lead to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. Of course the comeback by the Packers was aided by two costly interceptions by Tony Romo in the fourth quarter as the Cowboys refused to run the ball while playing with the lead.

While head coach Jason Garrett has already blamed Romo for changing the play, wide receiver Cole Beasley is taking the blame for stopping his route.

“I’ve got to keep running,” Beasley said, via ESPN. “That was on me. That’s all it was. … I stopped when I should have kept going. That’s about it.

Rather then finish his route, Beasley stopped and Romo’s pass was intercepted by Tramon Williams sealing the win for the Packers.

“I saw the corner and I throttled down a little bit. I don’t have the option to do that on my play. That was my fault. We didn’t execute how we were supposed to. I take full responsibility for it. I’ve just got to keep running and catch the ball and take the hit.”

Romo acknowledged he threw the ball to where Beasley should have been, not where the receiver ended up being.

“He ended up cutting his route off, and I threw it as if he was continuing to go to the sideline, so we’ll get that right,” said Romo. “We’ll go back and assess the whole process and get it right.”

The Cowboys will need to win out and claim the NFC East if they are to make the playoffs. Up next is Washington before a season finale against Philadelphia.