Jaguars continue to win, yet lose in the long run


With every win this season the Jacksonville Jaguars lose. Make no mistake about it, the Jacksonville Jaguars are bad but they continue to find ways to win.

A little over a month ago I would not have been surprised to see the Jaguars struggle to avoid becoming the second team to go 0-16. On Thursday night the Jaguars won their third game in a row and fourth overall.

The win by the Jaguars probably felt good for Gus Bradley and his staff. After-all winning always beats losing.

Well unless you lose next time. The Jacksonville Jaguars are going no where this season. In fact with Chad Henne, an unknown cast of receivers and a aged Maurice Jones-Drew they will never go anywhere. And with each win during the 2013 season the Jaguars prove that point to be true.

Jacksonville once appeared destined for one of the top three picks in the 2014 draft. Now 14 weeks into the NFL’s season the Jaguars find five teams worse off than them. Throw in the three teams who could all lose this weekend to remain at four wins and it gets more intriguing for the Jaguars.

Ouch. The Jaguars once appeared to have their pick of the best quarterback to land in the draft, now I’m not so sure. Sure everyone ahead of – well behind – the Jaguars will not draft a quarterback. Three win teams Washington and Atlanta, and four win team Buffalo all have signal callers but that hardly means they would simply draft a player at another position. Rather then draft the best available player for their team one of these teams could choose to make a trade to a team like Tennessee. (5-7)

See the Jaguars problem?

With every win they have had in the last month the Jaguars find winning in the future more difficult.