Richie Incognito sit-down interview to air on FOX NFL Sunday


On Sunday a sit-down interview between Jay Glazer and Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Richie Incognito will air on FOX NFL Sunday.

The interview between Glazer and Incognito will take place sometime during the show which begins airing at 12 pm ET.

Incognito has been accused of bullying teammate Jonathan Martin.


Martin has left the Dolphins temporarily to seek help after reportedly suffering an emotional breakdown fueled by Incognito. Among the things alleged against Incogntio is a voicemail where he hurls a racial slur at Martin and threatens to kill him. There have also been reports that the Dolphins sought to have Incognito toughen up Martin.

The interview between Incogntio and Glazer figures to be well worth the watch and Glazer has stated that he held nothing back.

We’ll be the judge of that on Sunday.