Texans sticking with Matt Schaub at QB

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getty images

The Houston Texans will keep Matt Schaub as their starting quarterback.

Schaub was benched after an ineffective evening against San Francisco on Sunday. Against the 49ers, Schaub was 19-of-35 for 173 yards and tossed three more interceptions. The first interception of the night resulted in a pick-six for a NFL record fourth straight game.

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“Obviously, it’s tough right now,” said Schaub after the game. “After what we’ve been through tonight, going back to last weekend and even the week before. I am very confident in my ability and everyone in this locker room.”

The Texans have lost three straight games and turned to backup T.J. Yates when the game was out of hand.

In Week 6 the Texans will host the St. Louis Rams.