Report: Tim Tebow will get tryout with Jaguars

getty images

getty images

Maybe Tim Tebow does play in the NFL this season.

The Jacksonville Jaguars may finally be coming around to the idea of giving Tebow a chance to crack their roster reports Terez Owens. Currently winless and awful the Jaguars fan base has tried to prod the front office to sign Tebow.

This is hardly news as people have suspected since Tebow’s release from the Patriots that he could end up in Jacksonville.

Tebow’s biggest asset to the Jaguars would be his ability to push merchandise and sell tickets.

Regardless of your thoughts on Tebow the Jaguars will still be one of the most talent deprived teams in the NFL even if the former Heisman winning quarterback is on the roster.

The only thing the Jaguars have to worry about with signing Tebow is ….. winning.