Media members need to back off of Josh Freeman


Josh Freeman is no longer the starting quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers but that has only escalated the media’s focus of him.

Mike Glennon will start for Tampa Bay in Week 4 after the team began the season 0-3 with an ineffective Freeman under center. Reports have raged from Freeman’s work ethic, the teams captain vote and even his snub of the team photo.

STUBBED: Freeman out as starter, featured on game ticket

Now that Freeman has been removed from the starters role there were more then a few media members ready to ask questions.

ESPN writer Pat Yasinskas reports the following:

Josh Freeman was at his locker when the doors swung open to begin the 45-minute media session. Freeman, still shirtless and shoeless, caught a glimpse of the pack headed his way. In a split second, he grabbed his shoes and shirt and headed for a door to the equipment room, off limits to the media.

The media contingent still assembled near Freeman’s locker, waiting to see if he would come back. He didn’t. After several minutes, a member of the team’s public relations staff came by to say Freeman had declined to talk.

So we’re left to wonder about Freeman’s reaction to being replaced by Mike Glennon. We’re left to wonder if Freeman is demanding a trade.

What was Freeman to say? Consider the options.

If he says its what is best for the team people will question his leadership. If he says he wants to be the starter still the media members will say he is a disruption.

Give me a break. Give him a break. The Buccaneers should do everyone a favor and just release him now.