Shanahan on benching Robert Griffin: “No, no”

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Someone actually asked Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan whether or not the team was considering the idea of benching quarterback Robert Griffin III.

Griffin has struggled to start the season and the Redskins have fallen to 0-2. Additionally a lot of the Redskins struggles can be traced back to a defense which has been torched in the first half for two consecutive weeks.

So yes the Redskins need some help but…. benching RG3 for Kirk Cousins?

“No, no,” said Shanahan to reporters on Monday. “We’ve got a lot of confidence in Robert.”

Griffin has has completed 62.9 percent of his 89 throws through two weeks, with a 5:3 TD-to-INT ratio. Thus far the Redskins have not allowed him to run free as he has made just nine rushing attempts for 25 yards.


The Redskins will play against the Detroit Lions (1-1) on the road in Week 3.