Raiders considering Terrell Pryor as Week 1 QB

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getty images

The Oakland Raiders are having second thoughts about starting quarterback Matt Flynn.

Acquired by Oakland in the offseason the 28-year-old Flynn was considered a near lock to start at quarterback for Week 1 of the season. However, Flynn’s poor arm and underwhelming decision making during the preseason are giving the Raiders reason to turn to Terrell Pryor.

Raiders head coach  Dennis Allen said he was looking at the quarterback position following their preseason game against the Bears.

“I think obviously we have to look at it. I think when you look at it I don’t think Matt [Flynn] played well in this game. Obviously, I thought Terrelle [Pryor] came in and gave us a spark. I thought he played well in the game. I think that’s something that we have to go and look at it. I’m not going to make any decisions on anything, obviously, tonight. I want to get a chance to go back and look at the tape and see how things went. But it was obvious that Terrelle gave us a little bit of a spark tonight.”

That does not necessarily mean the Raiders are leaning towards starting Pryor in Week 1.

“Listen, I want to take a look at that, just like any other position, just like anything else we look at and I want to look at what gives us the best chance to win and that’s all I’m concerned about.”

The Raiders  began their season on the road in Indianapolis on Sept. 8 so the Raiders coaching staff will need to make a decision quickly.