Alex Barron forces playbook changes, Head coach responds to criticisms


The Oakland Raiders are changing their playbook with left tackle Jered Veldheer out with a triceps injury.

Darren McFadden was to run behind Veldeer and now with the tackle out the Raiders have been forced to alternate plans. Alex Barron has taken over Veldeer’s position and already the Raiders have changed their playbook because of him.

“I think it changes how we’re going to use everybody, to be honest with you,”offensive coordinator Greg Olson said. “It’ll impact how we use Darren McFadden, it’ll impact how we use Marcel Reece. You don’t lose a player like that and think that you’re not going to have to change some things or do some things differently.”

Former Rams general manager Billy Devaney gave a critical review of Barron to ESPN. “He’s got the skill to play. He does not have the heart to play football,” Devaney said. “He does not like anything about the game except getting paid.”

Raiders head coach Dennis Allen defended Barron.

“I only have my perspective on Alex Barron since the time he got here,” Allen said. “I haven’t seen that at all from him. I’ve seen a guy who has to continue to improve and continue to work to get better. I’ve seen a guy that’s out here, working hard for this team each and every day.”

Barron will start Friday’s third preseason game against the Chicago Bears.