Aaron Hernandez denied bail request at Thursday hearing


Aaron Hernandez was in court again on Thursday for a bail review hearing regarding his first degree murder case against Odin Lloyd. Hernandez was arrested early Wednesday morning from his home and is facing six charges.

Hernandez spent the night at Bristol County jail in North Dartmouth.

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Hernandez’s lawyer, Jamie Sultan, claimed his client is not a flight risk because he has a fiance’ and a baby to care for. He asked for GPS monitoring and a high cash bail and house arrest, if necessary.

Bristol County Assistant District Attorney Bill McCauley argued that Hernandez has the means and motivation to flee and that he intentionally interfered with the investigation before he was arrested.

McCauley also claimed Hernandez helped his two “confederates” who were at the murder to flee by getting them a new rental car after the shooting.

The judge sided with the prosecution. They admitted that their case was circumstantial at this point, but that it was “very, very, strong.”