Report: Aaron Hernandez shot man in face


Things are not going well for Aaron Hernandez right now. Hernandez is a subject in a murder investigation in Massachusetts which left a 27-year-old man dead. The Patriots tight end is also being sued for allegedly shooting a man in the face in February.

Hernandez is being sued after he shot another man in the face in February as the result of an altercation at a Miami strip club reports

After Hernandez and Alexander Bradley went to Tootsie’s Cabaret the two men got into a argument while riding in a car together.

Bradley claims in the lawsuit against Hernandez that he suffered major injuries including the loss of his right eye. Hernandez is not licensed to carry a firearm according to Bradley.

As TMZ notes “Bradley will argue that the bullet initially struck him in the arm and continued traveling through his body until it struck him in the face …. blowing out his eyeball.”

Hernandez played in 10 games in 2012 catching 51 passes for 483 yards and five touchdowns.