Ben Roethlisberger feeling healthy at OTAs


credit: getty images

Ben Roethlisberger felt renewed as the Pittsburgh Steelers began organized training activities. Last season Roethlisberger dealt with rib and shoulder issues.

“The biggest factor is that there have been no setbacks,” Roethlisberger, told USA TODAY Sports. “I don’t feel it when I throw. Obviously, any time you get hit you can hurt yourself. But I think everything is good to go.”

As important for Roethlisberger and the Steelers is the revised playbook of offensive coordinator Todd Haley.

“We’ve thrown out all the stuff that we didn’t like, that didn’t work,” he said. “We’ve kept the good stuff and even added some things. Normally, at this point in my career, OTAs are boring. But this has been good. I’m still learning this stuff.”

Roethlisberger referred to Haley’s offense as “dink and dunk” last year and the quarterback and coordinator never appeared to be on the same page.