London Fletcher did not seriously consider retirement


credit: london fletcher

While the option was on the table, London Fletcher says he never seriously considered retirement. Fletcher, 38, will return for his 16th NFL season and seventh season with the Redskins in 2013.

“I’m still playing at a high level, the team still wanted me to play,” Fletcher said, via the Washington Post. “So, a lot of those things come into play.”

Fletcher is a steady piece of the Redskins defense and even as his play has slipped some in recent years the team still values his leadership.

In March, Fletcher had surgery on his elbow and ankle. Fletcher says that his recovery from both surgeries is going well and he expects to resume his role as defensive captain of the Redskins when the season begins. Fantasy Football Leagues

“I’m feeling good, getting better each day. Getting stronger. I’m right on schedule to be ready,” said Fletcher.

Fletcher has played in 240 consecutive games, the longest current streak in the NFL.