Female football hopeful Lauren Silberman falls short in combine


Lauren Silberman paid $275 to compete at the NFL regional combine in New Jersey. After two kicks her tryout was over.

Being the first female to tryout for the NFL Silberman is hopeful that she broke the ice for others even if she was unable to finish her tryout.

Silberman kicked her first ball for 19 yards, her second went for 13.

”They certainly didn’t go as far as they were in practices,” Silberman told media from over 20 outlets who were on hand primarily to see how she would do, ”but I tried to work through the pain.”

Silberman later lobbied with officials to allow her to finish her tryout before being denied.

H/T: Shutdown Corner

Unfortunately for Silberman her performance at the combine did little for those who saw this as nothing more then a publicity stunt.