Suggs girlfriend says he punched her in neck, drug her on road

Thomas Campbell, US Presswire

More details have emerged regarding Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs and his domestic dispute with his girlfriend.

The Baltimore Sun received the domestic complaint – in it Suggs’ longtime girlfriend, Candace Williams, claimed that Suggs punched her in the neck and dragged her alongside a speeding car with their two children in the vehicle. The woman said she suffered “severe road rash” as a result of the incident.

Suggs was ordered to turn over all of his guns – WBALTV said the count was nine guns, a .45-caliber pistol, a 9 mm pistol, a .454 Casull revolver, a Bushmaster rifle, two Defender 2000 rifles known as AR-15 rifles and three shotguns.

Suggs does not face criminal charges stemming from the September incident.

Suggs released a statement regarding the issue Friday:

“My fiance and I have two beautiful children together whom we both love and care for tremendously,” the statement read. “The personal issues that the two of us have faced recently have been addressed in a responsible and adult manner and have been resolved. I am certain that we will get through this matter and move forward as a happy family.”