Former Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron criticizes offense

Former Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback AJ McCarron criticized the teams offensive unit during his weekly radio appearance on Tuscaloosa’s Tide 99.1-FM.

“I don’t know if that’s Lane doing that or if coach Saban is kind of putting the handcuffs on Lane like I’ve known Coach to do in the past on his offensive coordinator and we’re going to be very bland and run this play and do this and we’ll throw it on third down if we have to,” McCarron said during his segment. “It’s going to be interesting to see how they bounce back against Arkansas this week and what kind of offense comes out this week.”

Thus far 52 of the 111 receptions for the Crimson Tide have been completed to Amari Cooper, a player McCarron praised for his efforts this season.

“I understand Coop is an unbelievable player,” McCarron said. “He was that for us when I was there, but when you target somebody so much … I think that was one of the best things we did while I was there. We spread the ball around to everybody. I mean, I think in numerous games … where we had almost everybody on offense catch the ball that was eligible to catch the ball. Teams could never really pinpoint and play their defenses to cover Coop and I think that’s one of the things they’re struggling with right now.”

While McCarron praised Cooper, he also asked for more out of others and quickly turned to criticizing the offensive unit.

“I think one of the things that this team is lacking that hurts them the most is not having the true leaders like we had last year and guys that, when things go bad, ‘hey, let’s calm everybody down, pick it back up and go back to work and get back on the right track. I feel like when things go bad, this team struggles a little with bouncing back and making good plays.”

A fifth-round pick, McCarron is currently sidelined from practicing with the Cincinnati Bengals.

John Bman
John Bman
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