NCAA ban of hashtags is relief for eyes


The NCAA Football rules committee became the first to put a stop on hashtags with their latest bulletin on field markings.

For the uninformed, hashtags were designed as a way to group messages or thoughts. Hashtags have also become an easy way for teams and retailers to advertise to fans or potential consumers.

VIN SCULLY: What is hashtag?

While the bulletin will stop the use of hashtags on the playing surface it figures to do little to stop the overuse of hashtags on television.

For those who feel the need to interact with others via twitter or tumblr it can be exciting to send out messages on the internet with hashtags for everyone else they take up viewing space. Let me be clear here when I saw that I have no problem with a hashtag or two during a football game but when the screen and field becomes littered with them the line has been crossed.

Even with all the talk about twitter and other social media platforms it is worth pointing out that only 15% of Americans have a twitter account and only half of them are active on a daily basis.

The complete bulletin regarding field markings, uniforms and playing equipment can be found below.hashtag

Did the NCAA overstep itself by putting the stop on hashtags or is it welcomed relief?

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