Tim Hudson questions what is between Nationals legs

No you did not read that headline wrong. Giants pitcher Tim Hudson praised the Nationals for having talent but then questioned if they had enough between their legs to go far in the playoffs.

“Obviously they have a talented group over there, there’s no question,” game 2 National League Divisional Series starter Hudson told The Washington Post. “They have some great pitching. But come playoff time, talent can take you a long ways, but what do you have between your legs? That’s going to take you real far. And I think we’ve got a group in here that really has some of that.”

Hudson’s point is not totally inaccurate. For all the talent that the Nationals have had on their roster in the past few years they have yet to advance in the post season. The Giants have won two World Series in the past five seasons though Hudson was not on either of those teams.

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