Yankees elimated from playoffs and misery

It is over. The New York Yankees season is over. The Yankees were swept out of the American League Championship Series by the Detroit Tigers following an 8-1 loss in Game 4 at Comerica Park in Detroit. In the deciding game of the series the vaunted Yankees offense managed just two hits.

The noise surrounding the Yankees in this series far exceeded anything they did on the field. In the first game of the series they lost their team captain Derek Jeter. After that they looked completely lost. The teams highest paid players all took turns out of the lineup. Alex Rodriguez, Nick Swisher and Curtis Granderson made more headlines by being benched then they did playing.

The Yankees again led the major leagues in the payroll department and in the ALCS they were last in effort. The Yankees could manage nothing against the Tigers offensively and might you be reminded that Justin Verlander did not pitch until Game 3.

In the American League Divisional Series the Yankees played a youthful Baltimore team. Twice the Orioles closer, who led the league in saves, let the Yankees get the better of him. In some ways it was experience overcoming youth, in some ways it was the haves over coming the have-nots. Considering how the Yankees played the Orioles the ALCS appeared to be one of two talented teams.

Except the Yankees left their talent at home.

Only two Yankees regulars hit aboveĀ  .250 in the series; Ichiro Suzuki and Raul Ibanez. In four games the Yankees managed a total of six runs. Sad.

The season ended for the Yankees and not a moment too soon. For everyone tired of hearing back page stories about Rodriguez, Swisher and the rest your wish has been granted. Thank the Detroit Tigers who kept the misery to a minimum knocking them off quickly. Thank the New York Yankees for nothing, it’s all they have.

John Bman
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