Are Online Slots likely to change in the next decade?  

As we have all sharply discovered in 2020, it’s hard to predict exactly what is around the corner and although we can’t be certain what the future holds, according to trends and forecasts, the next decade looks to be extremely exciting for the gambling sector and for online slots especially.

If we take a look at the last 10 years for example and see just how profound technology has had on our everyday lives, including how we gamble and enjoy our favourite casino games, it is mind-blowing just how much things have changed. Thanks to technology advancing at a rapid rate, changes to online slots often come thick and fast and we can now access just about any piece of information and entertainment at a simple click or a swipe. Here are some of the biggest changes that the experts have anticipated for the next 10 years for online slots at

More skill-based slot games 

If you haven’t yet played a skills-based slot game, brace yourself for a whole new level of gaming which is a lot more interactive and immersive than regular slots. Breaking free from purely random spins, skill-bases slots, like 3D slots, have impressive narratives and more in-depth storylines and characters that bring the slot to life as well as giving players the opportunity to influence the outcome of the game. They feature various different levels, taking cues from video games rather than traditional slot machines to appeal to young adults who are likely to be tempted to play thanks to their video-game style graphics and features. After all, if the online slot industry is going to be as successful in the next decade as it was in the previous, they will need to continue to diversify to attract younger, tech-savvy generations.  

More generous welcome bonuses 

Almost all online casinos offer welcome bonuses to new players as a way to attract them to their site and in the coming years, we are likely to see welcome bonuses becoming increasingly generous as more and more online casinos are vying for the attention of new players.  

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Slots 

We will all remember the glory days of Pokémon Go which – for those who missed it as it swept the globe like a frenzy – is an augmented reality game where players use their real surroundings and catch Pokémon around them. The game took the globe by storm back in 2016 and marked a transition for the entertainment and gaming world and in the future, we could see many online games which used augmented reality technology as well as virtual reality casino to offer players new and exciting gambling experiences. Players are already getting extremely excited about the prospect of augmented reality slots and their promise to bring real-world experiences to slot games. Imagine playing a slot game in the comfort of your own home and when you win you are able to see and hear fireworks going off and coins raining down from your living room ceiling when you win the jackpot!

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