Blue Nissan driven by Paul Walker for sale at $1.4 million



Ever wanted to drive a car that was driven by ‘Fast and Furious’ star Paul Walker. Then this blue Nissan Skyline GT-R is for you.

The car is from the fourth Fast and Furious movie and is the only remaining Skyline from the movie as the others were destroyed during filming of the movie.

At one point this car was set to be destroyed after the U.S. government determined it entered the country illegally. Long story short the car made it out of the country and was posted for sale earlier this year for just over $400,000. In the wake of Walker’s death that asking price is now $1.4 million.

Will it be sold? Who knows but people sure do spend a lot of money on cars that “famous” people owned.

For example: A 1999 Ford Expedition belonging to former Alaska governor Sarah Palin sold for $10,300….. about $8,000 more than it’s blue book value.


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