Get to know USA figure Skaters Bradie Tennell, Karen Chen and Mirai Nagasu

The USA women’s figure skating team consists of the trio of Bradie Tennell, Karen Chen and Mirari Nagasu. Interestingly all three of these women will be making their first Olympic appearance.

Tennell, 20, of Carpentersville, Illinois was the 2015 junior national figure skating champion but a stress fracture in her back left her in a back brace for parts of the next two years. A first place finish at nationals put her back in the spotlight.

The US champion stands 5’6″ tall and gained notice among fans with her free skate of Cinderella. Take a visual of the star below and be sure to check out her instragram @bradietennell.

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The oldest member of the USA’s women team is Mirai Nagasu at 24. She hails from Arcadia, California. Her ability to do the difficult triple axel has made her one to watch in the 2018 Olympics.

Nagasu has a bit of a chip on her shoulder after being left off the team in for the 2014 games in Sochii in favor of Ashley Wagner. All is good though for Nagasu now, and shes freely sharing photos of her time in South Korea on her Instagram @mirainagasu.

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The final member of the team is the youngest. Fremont, California’s Karen Chen enters the game at 18 years of age. In 2015 she captured a bronze medal at nationals. A fan of Katy Perry, Chen has gotten rave reviews from former US Olympican Krist Yamaguchi.

Chen is also on instragram showing photos of her arrival and times at the Olympics @karebearsk8

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