Nico Christodoulou wins USF 2000 race No. 2 at Toronto, Results

In a one-off weekend, Nico Christodoulou scored the win in the second USF 2000 race on the streets of Toronto this weekend.

With the race starting on a damp racetrack all drivers began on wet tires. On the final pace lap Nikita Johnson would spin from the fourth position. The race would begin under caution with Simon Sikes leading the way. When the race did go green Evagoras Papasavvas and Chase Gardner would go off the track. Moments later Al Morey and Logan Adams would spin. The race would stay green.

After starting 18th, Max Garcia had worked his way up to fourth by the ninth lap of the 20 lap race. With five laps to go Sikes would drive deep leaving an opening for Christodoulou. A lap later Gardner would crash to bring out a caution.

The race would restart with a one lap shootout. As Christodoulou began to put space between him and the others Garcia would get into Clark racing for third with both spinning. Sikes would score second with Lochie Hughes finishing third.

Toronto Streets USF 2000 Race No. 2 Results

July 16, 2023

John Bman
John Bman
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