Jesse Iwuji to make XFINITY debut at Road America

History for the US Naval Academy, US Navy, and NASCAR will have another chapter written come this weekend. LCDR Jesse Iwuji, will make his debut in the NASCAR Xfinity Series at Road America (Wisconsin) piloting the #13 MileMarker10 car owned by Carl Long.

LCDR Iwuji is the only current driver at the national levels of NASCAR that has ever served the country and still does. July 2020 Iwuji also earned a promotion in the US Navy moving from Lieutenant to Lieutenant Commander in the US Navy Reserves.

“This next step in NASCAR is special not only for me, but for all of my fellow service members and others out there with big goals & dreams. Most will tell you that your goals and dreams are impossible and that you can’t do it” said LCDR Iwuji. “This entire Navy to Nascar journey is me showing those that dare to dream it’s all possible! With this being my first start in the Xfinity Series, my goal is to go out there and learn from a field of some amazing drivers, stay in my lane, and be there at the end of the race to finish. We can build off that.”

This Xfinity debut opportunity for LCDR Iwuji would not be possible without the support of new partners MileMarker10 and G2Xchange. These brands that are Veteran owned are all about making dreams come true.

G2Xchange, a MileMarker10 company is a series of information and competitive intelligence platforms that help federal workers, contractors, entrepreneurs, and other individuals and entities interested in the federal contracting space, make more informed decisions.

MileMarker10 is a portfolio of collaborative ecosystems where aspiring and established entrepreneurs, executives and professionals go to access the insights, knowledge, and relationships necessary to exceed their goals. MileMarker10’s unique ecosystems include:

  • MM10 Learn (eLearning programs),
  • MM10 Community (membership programs), and
  • MM10 Opportunity (intelligence solutions).

G2Xchange Health, G2Xchange FedCiv, and FedHealthIT are key programs of the MM10 Community ecosystem.

“I’m happy to be partnered with MileMarker10 and G2Xchange for the races we have lined up this year! Anytime we can partner with a veteran owned business, I know it is going to be an authentic fit. Being able to be part of an organization working to better the lives of veterans by helping launch their businesses into the government contracting space is huge. People have never had a one stop shop where they could gain the knowledge and resources to jump into contracting, and now they can. Entrepreneurship is my wheelhouse, and I am excited to take this journey with them and as you can imagine I am beyond thankful for their support.”

To learn more about G2Xchange, click here. To learn more about MileMarker10, click here.

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