Dan Jennings latest White Sox bullpen member to falter


It happened in 2016, it is happening again in 2017. Overworked from poor starts from the likes of Dylan Covey and Mike Pelfrey the Chicago White Sox bullpen is starting to falter from overuse. The strength of this White Sox team is unquestionably it’s relief corps which could be quite the asset as contending teams look to bolster their own bullpen for a playoff run.

Dan Jennings, the human rain delay to some, the legendary to others is just the latest member of the White Sox bullpen to show some signs of weakness. This morning as my son was getting ready for school he said “Dad, Dan Jennings is not very good right now.” He could not have been more right. Since acquired from the Miami Marlins the left hander has been one of those dependable guys and suddenly over the past two weeks whenever I see him on the mound I cringe.

Coming into this season Jennings held a 2.57 ERA over the past three seasons spanning 157 1/3 innings, his FIP 3.44 a 1.44 WHIP. A guy who could get into a tad of trouble but typically found his way out. This season those numbers jump to a 5.40 ERA, 4.01 FIP and 1.88 WHIP. Jennings gave up 14 earned runs last season, he has already allowed 8 this year. Most concerning would be the rise in hits allowed by Jennings from 8.5 last season to 12.8 this year. His walks have remained the same and his strike outs have continued to drop from 8.5 per 9 four years ago to just 6.1 this season.

Righties, lefties, home or away Jennings has not been himself over the past 28 days where he has an 8.59 ERA in 7 1/3 innings of work. A younger pitcher may have been sent down but the veteran 30-year-old has at-least earned himself some leash – some not a ton.

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